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Hello everyone.. as you see I’m the author of this blog witch mean this is my own blog. All the story in this blog written by me. Include all the labels. My Name is St. Syukaina Haryanto, SKM. was born in Ambon, Indonesia, 02 January 1993. I am Capricornuss. My family calls me Uka and than I turn my nick name become Yutha as sounds unique as my self. I have two brothers and two sisters. I can speak English but as you see I have bad grammar, so I still learn how to speak English very well. Now I live in Ambon city, Indonesia.

I can tell you I’m different, I don’t know people may tell so. Why? Because many things I like is different with most people like. Many things I choices is different with most people choices. Not different at all.. but I like to explore anything in my mind. For me I have to try my ability before I lose it. Beside I like to write, i have so many capable since I’m little kid till now. I can play guitar since I’m 13 years old and started playing drums at the age of 15 since I have my first band at High School, “Saviour Queen” Band with all Girls personnel were played the Alternative Rock genre. For me, music is passion and desire. That’s why I play and sing in more than one bands when I was in high school, well maybe till now.

Talk about the music that I love, have an alternative rock band doesn't does not prevent me from liking other musical genres. Since childhood, my father often play classic music such as Enya and Kenny G. and many more that I don't memorize the name of the singer. He like to played that songs when he drives me to school. If you ask me about what bands are my influences? The answer is MUSE, Coldplay, Paramore and SCANDAL band from Japan. The soloist? Enya, Priscilla Ahn and YUI from Japan, Milley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. My favorite Drummer all the time is Travis Barker from Blink 182.
Besides musicians that I like above, I also fall in love with Pachara Chirathivat, he is an actor and musician from Thai, for me He is the most handsome + cutest guy eveeerrrr! :D

All right.. After past high school, my band was vacuum and didn't play music any longer. I started to focus on my study. Beside that the distance between me and my bands friends is so far away because I have to continue my study in a campus out side the town. Now I have finish my study, I have my first goal! I have graduated with Public Health Degree (S1). And if you ask what am I doing now in my life is, I’m in the midle of looking for a job. A really pro job. I’ll try as best as I could. Please wish me luck :)

Time goes fast.. I remember when the first time I sigh up my blog, several months after I arrived at the place I go to study for, I live without music instruments I mean without my bands, I felt empty and boring until my sisters showed me some page on the internet. I took a looked  at the blogs of some fashion bloggers like "Hot Chocolate and Meant” by Diana Rikasari and “de cream de la crop” by Evita Nuh (both of it still become my favorite page to read). I was immediately interested as they wanted to create the blog. And here we go... I found something new again, something that I can do in my life, share the story, music, video, movies, and anything I want. Read any other blogs, learn the fashion style, see many things and places that I've never seen before. Its makes me feel alive. I can see the whole world without go anywhere. I can tell my story to anyone even I don’t know who are you that sitting front the screen and reading my blog, even you don’t leave the trace or comment, I still loves to write. I started to wrote my blog since 2011.

I get a lot of good things since I joined the site blogger. For example, I literally found the whole world of fashion style. That's make over me to be someone who knows how to properly style. I'm a lil' tomboy you know? I have my own style ;) fashion doesn't have a rule any way.  I'm a vintage hoarder but I also like modern clothes and blogger is very helping me to decide what I like to wear, what’s fit in me, what’s the trend of fashion style right now and show me what’s going on around the world.

Do I have any skills? Of course I have. Beside I can play many instruments, I do have another skills. As I said, I like to try my ability before I lose it. When I open a view blogs there's something that makes my eyes sparkleThose existing photographs in the blog have me extended my knowledge about the arts of photographs. Also there are some cool edits of Photoshop that makes me want to try to make a picture like that. When my dad bought me a Canon DSLR Camera view years ago, I was super happy, I started learning about photography since then and started to love the world of photography. I joined the photography community on my campus at that time to deepen the science of photography. The community of DIAFRAGMA UMI really makes me become more spirit in studying photography. I have so many experience with them and the result is I ever got the 1st winner of Photography contest by FKI.

That’s why I like to try a new things in my life. It would be in vain if our lives are not filled with interesting stuff like this. I’m young! I’m not genius but I’m not stupid. For those who didn't know me may think i'm a weirdo and little bit arrogant. But hold on guys.. Don’t judge book from the cover right? I may look don’t care but I care a lots! I can tell you I am a funny person, If you know me and I know you, you will never hear me stop talking, I like to share anything, I like to tell a joke, I just love to make people laugh than angry. I like to making friends than enemies.

Let’s talk about what I like and dislike, shall we?
I like the ocean. I like beach. I love the smell of the wave or the wind from the ocean, it remind me of my hometown Ambon Manise. I'm a beach person. I love all stuff about Neptune or summer or the ocean. I like sunshine but I like rain too. I love to lay in the green grass, I like Sun Flower, that’s my favorite flower. I love starts, it's constantly reminding me about my childhood story. I have a story when I was a kid my family and I used to lie on the balcony of the second floor of the house I was looking at the sky, all the stars scattered very clearly visible from the balcony of my childhood home, it was a thing I will never forget. I’m cappuccino lovers. I’m movies junkie. My favorite anime film is “ONE PIECE” with my favorite cartoon character Monkey De Luffi. I like to eat spaghetti, burger and french fries. My favorite cafe is “The Boss Cafe”. I like to talk to my self when I was driving. Ha! I’m a weirdo. I really really love music! umm.. not much as I love food hahaa.. but I love music, sometimes I can’t fall asleep without music, I don’t know why, it’s just comes naturally in my bloods. I can sing pretty well, I can play instrument like guitar, drums, and piano *this one in progress* hehee. Oh yeah.. did I tell you about I like sketching? Yes I do like sketching. I've been learning about making illustration and sketching from my best friend, well so far so good I guess :)

Okay, things that I dislike is not much. There’s two things that I didn't like much. The first is I don’t like someone tells lies, everybody didn't like it too, or let alone to carry God's name in vain thing. so be honest to your self and to anyone. The second is I don’t like judging someone, and I don’t like someone judge me either. So let’s live in peace! That’s it.

Last but not least. I would like to say thank you so much to all my blog readers out there that keep updating my blog, even you didn't leave a comment but please I would love it if you guys can leave some comment or something on my blog post. Let’s share in here. Give me some advise or anything. Your comment is makes me happy. Let’s follow each others. Don’t leave me here alone, will ya? It's kind of connected with my favorite quote "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend" :)

Welcome to my world and see you around!!!
xx Yutha

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