Minggu, 17 Maret 2013


How are you people? I hope live treat you good :) coz I’m not complaining mine, it’s busy weeks actually. Aku baru aja mulai aktif kuliah semester baru and it’s lil’bit different with whole last chapter, you know my campus is University Of Muslim Indonesia so my class witch is all girls are separate with boys class. BUT  in this chapter the boys and the girls are taked in the same class. So it kindda awkward when I sitting in the classroom. (udah gak bisa bikin gerakan tambahan yang kocak lagi) hahaha *shame*

By the way ada yang nonton dahsyat rabu minggu lalu gak? Cos’ in this posting I would like to share you about a Girl Band (‘Girl’ ama ‘Band’ nya dipisahin) so officially they are not ‘girl band’ like k’pop or something whatever. Tapiiii... mereka adalah Band yang personielnya terdiri dari 4 orang cewek cantik, imut and super hot!  Aku gak mau nyamain mereka dengan cewe-cewe yang cuman bisa sekedar pamer paha dan bisanya nyanyi lipsing doank :p hohoho (you know what I mean). They are differend yooow!! Yailaha mana ada coba ‘girl band’ main alat musik sehebat mereka! they played guitar and drum and another musical instrument. Dan mereka udah ada kok sebelum sekelompok vocal girl band terkenal.. :D

Ooh yeah.. this band from Japan and they are on thour in asia!! I love them since the first time I saw their videos. (suka banget liat videonya sambil ngebayangin band gue bisa sehebat band mereka) \m/ fhuu~
All right people!! \m/ Here they are! *drummroll please*