Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Tutorial Hijab - TwoTone Shawl

Assalamualaikum hijabers :)
finally  I made my first tutorial hijab, and it should be made on two weeks ago (as I promise)
hehe I'm sorry for being late, 'cause I'm so busy and didn't have time to stand up infront of my camera and give ya some tutorial, but thanks god I've made it :D

It's a simple way actually.. all you need is just Hijab or Scarf or Shawl, Iner ninja, and two brooch off course..
if you have ready I don't mind if you copy my picture and safe to your phone, tab, or anything that make you easy to see it everytime you want.
just follow step by step and you'll get a simple beautiful hijab style :**


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