Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

I miss my lil'Brother

Today I miss my lil brother.. his name is

He talks a lot.  HAHA but I like that because he is very smart kid.. I think he smart more than his brother which my brother too Erdin..
I feel happy when I’m with Ismail. He always make me laughter.. when he was baby I almost kiss him everyday :) yuhuhuu. . . he’s so cute when he was baby. . he has a beautiful eyes and beautiful smile. .

Now I have far away from him. .  cause I have to continue my lecture in Makassar, I always wanted to go home but I just can go home if there’s holiday for Idul Fitri (Islam Celebration) and  if I finish my final exam..
The most I miss is when I use my phone cell he always want to check it and take away from me.. haha I know he like to play a game in my phone cell :D

It’s been 3th month I didn’t see his face. . . I miss him so much.. And I cannot wait to see him ^^

2 komentar:

  1. Lucu, lama zn liat c pg ade ini ee :D
    hehehhe,, b tgu dy bsr jua kapa :D

  2. hehehee.. unhy jang nakal :D
    syp dulu donk. . . dia pung kk saja manies *NARSIS